Think before you buy!

All of these companies support animal torture!


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Animal Liberation now! BRING DOWN HLS!
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7 Responses to FACES OF DEATH..

  1. Marcela says:

    Any chance of posting a link to a bigger version of this image? I can’t read half these names and I’d like to boycott them (and write complaint letters if I can easily track down where to send them.) Good blog btw.

  2. Marcela says:

    Awesome, it’s legible now. BTW looks like you need to approve my comment for it to appear.

    Also, since you posted this brand list you might be interested in these PETA campaigns with easy protest interfaces since most people won’t do much otherwise: http://www.peta.org/action/campaigns/default.aspx.
    (Probably worth separate write ups if you’ve got the space.)

    The Donna Karan one is especially slick. PETA is sexist as hell but at least they do good animal rights work.

    • fuckhls says:

      cool..I used the lipton tea campaign.

      thanks marcela..

      keep sending stuff over if you want.


      • Marcela says:

        Ya I guess the text-only Lipton campaign is much easier to post on a blog.

        If I come across other stuff I think you might find interesting I can shoot it your way. I’m just getting into animal rights so I’m hardly a wealth of info but I’m hot on it at the moment (hence stumbling on your blog.) I’ll need an email address – maybe add one to your author info?

      • fuckhls says:

        This blog is designed for new activist that want to learn more, so it worked! (rad)

        I’m still learning how to design my page, this is my first blog, and I just launched it two days ago. I been trying to get my email address up there all day:)

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