Take notes USA

When will this many people speak up for animals here in the US???


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Animal Liberation now! BRING DOWN HLS!
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9 Responses to Take notes USA

  1. Marcela says:

    Europeans in general are way ahead of North Americans when it comes to mass protest (like WAAAAY ahead). I’m gonna have to go to one of those one of these days.

    You might find this article worth a read:
    Pretty obvious anti-Huntington protests have been a major pain in the ass, especially these peaceful protests which are difficult for these animal torturers to shut down.

    Given how long they’ve hung on with major activist attacks I’m thinking the only way these fuckers are gonna shut down is if they go out of business. In the case described by this article it was the NYSE that reacted, not Huntington. Targeting these orgs and their customers so that they are scared to do business with Huntington should kill them economically, it may be the only way to shut these monsters down. So my question is, who are their customers??

  2. fuckhls says:

    I’ll be putting a customer link on the blog today.


  3. Marcela says:

    Fabuloso, even better than a post that gets lost in the archives.

    How about the big asshole priority targets? maybe first or starred?

    • fuckhls says:

      I’ll be doing some Fortress posts soon…TRUST ME! I head there’s going to be some demos coming up in LA against Fortress.

      • Marcela says:

        HA (blush) gettin a bit bossy am I? It is after all your blog ;).

        Fortress demo hey? I hope it’s a rip-roaring time, maybe I’ll try to make it down if my travel allows since I ‘need’ to go to San Francisco for some house soonish anyways.

        Thank god I never went into investment management I’d be feeling like the devil, pretty tough to avoid them nasty pharmaceuticals.

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