January 15th, 2011
City of Los Angeles:
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Picketers demonstrated against the enslavement, mutilation, torture and death of innocent primates in the dungeons at UCLA by visiting three neighborhoods where these primate vivisectors reside. Torturing innocent non-human primates at work, then coming home to their mansions and drinking Martini’s and watching television is not moral or ethical.

First off was the neighborhood of Joaquin Fuster; Fuster enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on rhesus monkeys, who are so terrified to be enslaved in steel cages, they clutch each other in their cages shaking in fear. Fuster is allegedly studying “human” attention, perception and memory, but not on humans!! Fuster recently requested increased water deprivation for the monkeys, stating “At the present deprivation limit, the animals are simply not sufficiently motivated to learn and perform the experimental tasks.”

Fuster experiments on fully conscious monkeys who are forced into body restraint devices from which they cannot escape, while metal bolts are implanted into their skulls and electrodes inserted into their brains. The primates are deprived of water for 22 hours a day, and the maximum amount of water they are given for the remaining 2 hours is a mere 350 ml. Fuster has done disgusting and perverse things to primates for over fifty years; it’s time he stops his monstrous behavior.

A teenager in a dune buggy on Fuster’s street tried to run over activists screaming that he was watching cartoons and the picketers were bothering him. The legal observer told the smartass teen that his parents pay taxes for monkeys to be mutilated and killed by Fuster and activists have a legal right to picket under the first amendment . His response was “FU*# You!” Isn’t it nice to see such polite young people with so much compassion? Another more decent neighbor watched and supported picketers while eating his cereal!

Next up was Edythe London’s neighborhood. London spends YOUR tax dollars addicting primates to high doses of crystal methamphetamines and nicotine, utilizing a grant by Phillip Morris Tobacco Company. A neighbor told picketers that because London is Jewish, she should be left alone. The neighbor chose the WRONG picketer to say that to! This activist politely explained to the neighbor that, first of all, Hitler didn’t only kill Jews, his killed gays, gypsies, the mentally challenged and basically anyone who didn’t “conform” to his sense of anyone who was “different” from the white skinned, blue eyed German people. He went on to explain that London is doing the exact same thing to primates. He stated eloquently that “To the monkeys she enslaves, tortures and murders, she is Hitler with a vagina.”

Parents watched the activists picket as their kids played and went back and forth on their scooters. Kids are never afraid of the truth and are always very interested in the banners and posters because they naturally realize that it’s wrong to hurt and kill innocent animals for a living.

Picketers noticed two unmarked cars following them to the next picket in Jentch’s neighborhood. When the picketers arrived, the legal observer went up to the windows of two separate unmarked cars and witnessed a man in each car in very freakish positions videotaping picketers through the dark tinted car windows. One was Sgt. Littlestone of the UCLA campus police (he is being sued in Federal court) and the other was a sleazy looking guy wearing a Raiders sweatshirt. The legal observer told the LAPD (who stated to the picketers they were not breaking ANY ordinances and it’s a shame that they are being harassed by UCLA campus police) who then made Sgt. Littlestone get out of his car! No more hiding Littleshit; oops, Littlestone!

David Jentsch’s neighbors LOVE the picketers and offer them water and kosher sherbet (vegan) for having the courage to picket their demonic and demented neighbor. Jentsch imprisons primates in steel cages, where the only time they are removed from those small cages is to be placed in a draconian restraint device and strong-armed by his grad students injecting into their veins the highly toxic substance PCP at very high doses. When drug rehabilitation centers that actually help addicts get off street drugs like PCP and Meth are closing because of budget cuts, individuals like Jentsch are being given grants (paid for by tax payers) to turn non-human primates into “tweakers.”


The two “undercover pervs” followed the picketers back to their meeting spot. It was very bizarre to realize that two grown men in two separate unmarked cars are stalking legal picketers in an attempt to harass, intimidate and stop them from expressing their first amendment rights. But these picketers are courageous and will not let two UCLA thugs stop them from educating the neighbors regarding what Fuster, London and Jentsch do to primates and that they have the primate’s blood dripping from their hands.

A law suit has been filed in Federal court on behalf of the picketers against the UC Regents, the UCLA campus police and some of the thugs in their department such as John Adams, Littlestone, Shear and others. UCLA campus police are not going to intimidate picketers; what, are they thinking that picketers are weak and stupid? UCLA Campus cops are the physical and moral equivalent of fricken MALL SECURITY COPS and don’t have ANY jurisdiction outside one mile from campus.

Then again, police aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed to begin with and the UCLA campus police aren’t even intelligent enough to be able to get through the LAPD academy. The city of LA obviously knows how low the caliber is of those who make up the UCLA campus police and don’t want them involved in any real “policing.” Remember these campus cops are the same ones who tazered a UCLA student for refusing to show them his ID (the student won a huge law suit against UCLA and got lots of bad press for UCLA!) If you know anyone who is thinking of going to or sending their kids to school there, tell them to go anywhere but UCLA. UCLA is getting a horrible reputation for being a fascist police state that attempts to halt free speech. The Regents are stuck in the MaCarthy era!

The primates can’t speak for themselves, so we must speak for them. Please come out and join this grand band of legal warriors for the next UCLA pickets in February.

See You In The Streets List Serve is not an official “organization,” but rather a posting group forwarding announcements of animal rights events, articles, news, and upcoming demonstrations and their ” wrap up’s” in or around Los Angeles. SYITS does not advocate or encourage illegal activity and assumes no responsibility for written content it receives and forwards or occurrences at demonstrations it announces.


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2 Responses to UCLA DEMO WRAP UP…

  1. action not words says:

    There really is no other way to put it ,but to call these people sick scumbags!
    they really are ,look at the pictures ,read what they do ,look at anti vivisection websites and read what real scientists have to say against vivisection.
    Every day and hour ,these animals suffer ,it brightens my day a little to read compassionate people taking a stand.!

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