This is why I started a blog!

*sent by a FUCK HLS subscriber*

i thought you’d get a kick out of this. a few nights ago when i was first reading your blog my 10-yr. old niece Sara walked by and asked me what FUCK HLS was (I’m sure she just wanted a legit reason to say fuck), so I explained i was reading about the rights of animals and how some people are very mean to them etc. She wasn’t very interested so I showed her the HLS intro video you had posted and she was blown away. After that she kept walking by and paying attention to what i was reading, and asked me about the brand list when I pulled that up. I explained that they were the names of companies that do animal testing, so we should not buy their stuff.

My mom just mentioned that she was at the drug store with Sara a couple of days ago, and when my mom went to buy an Olay product she told her she shouldn’t buy it because Olay does animal testing. So my mom bought something dif. Isn’t that the coolest? so there you go, a little success already.



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