A.L.F. Strikes Again!

“On the night of January 24, 2011 our cell visited the largest chinchilla farm (and one of the only) in Italy: the Pegoraro chinchilla farm in Campo San Martino (PD).

Inside a shed in the backyard of the Pegoraro home, hundreds of chinchillas are raised in wire mesh cages to be killed, skinned and turned into fur. This farm is also involved in the tanning and direct sale of the skins.

From our initial visits we realized that to get into the shed we would have to enter through a window about 4 feet high, and pass through bars and Plexiglas that separated us from the animals.

Because the gap between the bars was large enough for us to get our bodies and a ladder through, on the night of the action the difficult task remained of finding a way to cut the Plexiglas window with the least possible noise, since the farm was in a residential area about twenty meters from the home of the owner and the homes of other neighbors.

For about half an hour, crouched on a sheet metal roof under the window, we cut the Plexiglas, heating a blade with the aid of a gas torch to melt the plastic and make the cut less noisy.

With the cut completed, with bated breath, we gave one last tug on the piece of Plexiglas, which came off with a loud crunch: looking down from the window inside the building, we saw four long corridors of cages, each consisting of three rows of cages stacked on top of each other.

After waiting a minute to be sure we did not wake anyone, we moved a ladder into the small hole that we had cut and two of us dropped into the shed.
Inside, the farm was very bad, very dirty and the smell of urine and feces of the animals was suffocating. Many of the chinchillas had a collar that kept them in this stressful situation from tearing or biting their precious fur. Once the collars were removed, many of them had neck injuries.

Because of the delay during the cutting of the window, we had to act as quickly as possible. Open the cage, fill the bags with animals, climb the ladder, and pass a bag through the window to those who were waiting on the roof. And then do it all over again, without stopping for a second. We chose only female animals… to stop the breeding and to ruin the genealogical lines that Pegoraro had created over many years.
In about half an hour we saved 53 chinchillas, loaded them into our vehicle and took them to a new life where they will no longer be forced to breed and will not be skinned for a pointless and bloody fashion. Before we left we signed ALF on the outer wall of the farm.

We dedicate this release to all those who have decided to act in person, without delegating and waiting for a time that will never come. What we’re fighting for is a radical disruption of this system, the dismantling of anthropocentrism and the collapse of civilization. Lifestyle choices, protests and actions may be ways to arrive at the free world that we have in our hearts, in contrast with the world in which we find ourselves, in heartbreaking screams of pain, cages, exploitation and oppression. We do not accept the speciesist idea that animals are objects for our consumption (fur, food, entertainment, research) and we are prepared to risk our freedom to destroy exploitation and imprisonment and to rescue those who we consider individuals.

No compromise for animal liberation!
Animal Liberation Front ”


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3 Responses to A.L.F. Strikes Again!

  1. evaj says:

    you do realize you said they had neck injuries then you go on to say that you put them in BAGS???? how is that fair to them? you scaring them further in their life – do many die from stress of being uprooted in the night ? you think you are doing the right thing but there is a better way- people who do this stuff just want to feel good about themselves and get a rush at the animals expense. there is people you can call and complain to when you find an animal home like that- it would be the more responsible thing rather than going in and spraying your name all over the joint. which btw you seem to be ok using materials like spray paint that at one point were no doubt tested on animals… you say you are against it and use all the tools created by it…

  2. Monica says:

    i know you from your website and i know you sell chinchillas.I am a Chinese girl .i want import a number of chinchillas from you.Chins are very lovely and beautiful.I like them very much and most Chinese people like them ,too. I want to import them to my country to sell them as pets. i don’t know whether you can export them to my country.if you can do it ,can you provide the Quarantine Permit and Certificate of origin? and can you provide the concrete price list and color.

    hope your reply~thank you very much~

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