*taken from SYITS demo wrap up*

February 19th, Los Angeles-UCLA Protest Wrap Up’s!

Not rain, nor sweltering hot summer days can keep activists from protesting against the criminals who torture, murder and kill innocent non-human primates at UCLA. The protest on February 19th was very well attended; activists came from far away to be the voice of the primates currently shaking in terror in their steel cages, ONLY to be pulled out to do horribly invasive and excruciating experiments. We want the world, the neighbors and the monster vivisectors to see what the Egyptians, Tunisians and Libyans want the world to see.

Unfortunately, the vivisectors at UCLA, like Momar Kadafi, tyrant of Libya, HAVE NEVER ALLOWED A JOURNALIST INSIDE THEIR PRIMATE VIVISECTION LABS; and we all know why. If the journalists showed up (especially unannounced) to take photos or video of what goes on in the hideous laboratories of Jentsch, London, Fuster and others’ labs, there would be mass demonstrations at UCLA and no one would donate or send their kids to any of the UC Campuses.

We may not get the world to see what actually is going on inside the labs (we only have our undercover pictures made into posters by those who have done undercover work as lab techs), but at the latest protest we did have a Channel 7 Eyewitness News reporter film and interview us (as well as the perverted Jentsch) for an upcoming news segment on vivisection.

Depending on the news reporter’s own compassion and scientific understanding, and her editors’, we’ll have to wait and see what side they will take; the moral and scientific side, or the amoral and fallacious scientific side spewed out by lying, delusional vivisectors. They say similar things to reporters as a recent Kadafi speech, in which the notorious dictator stated that the protesters had been drugged into protesting by hallucinogens put in their water and food!

Evil dictators worldwide have been watching and supporting the killing of their own people. In the vivisector’s case, these vicious monsters torturing, mutilating and then killing innocent non-human primates always have an excuse; some lies are better than others, but they are all lies. When a vivisector’s lips are moving, you know for a fact THEY’RE LYING!

Protesters were followed from the meeting spot by two UCLA Campus “Secret Police” thugs (even though their jurisdiction doesn’t reach over one mile from campus and this was at least six miles away). These thugs are stupid fascists, brainwashed by UCLA freak Captain Adams, who is being given illegal orders by the UC Regents who think they are above the law. UCLA Regents and their puppets feel like they have some kind of sick power over the US and California Constitution, and even simple city municipal codes that have been in place for years (which in our opinion is as delusional as Kadafi’s hallucinogens in the water theory!)

First stop on the demos was the notorious mouthpiece for primate vivisection (along with his buddy Dario Ringach), David (“eyebrows”) Jentsch. Neither of these two men are physicians (they could have NEVER made it through medical school) so their entire self-esteem is built on lying about the science of gluing coils to the eyes of primates or injecting them with high doses of PCP and Methamphetamines. (Ringach has stopped doing primate research, but still has to support it or he’ll be fired by UCLA.)

Next neighborhood was Edythe London- aka “Hitler with a cunt”. She does things to primates that even Dr. Mengele didn’t do to Jews, gays, gypsies and other disenfranchised people in Europe. Though she claims to be Jewish, she must be somehow related to Hitler, since she uses the same methods of hideous deprivation, abuse and killing of our closest living relatives, non-human primates.

The last stop was Joaquin Fuster’s neighborhood, home address of a true Frankenstein who has been torturing, assaulting and killing primates for over fifty years. There’s a place in hell waiting for Fuster and we can only hope he gets there quickly (by natural means of course!)

The animal rights van smelled of mildew by the end of the day since activists were drenched from the rain; getting in the van to drive to the next neighborhood they would turn up the heat to boiling! The protesters cleaned up the van and sprayed animal friendly air freshener before leaving for home! Unfortunately, protest signs got damaged in the downpour and because of Sgt. Littlestone (aka Little-dick) activists don’t have many posters/banners left after he illegally confiscated posters along with the HUGE stuffed animal in the form of a monkey (the mascot Felix) last spring.

In closing, the reason activists are going to start referring to the UCLA Campus police as “Secret Police” is because, like ex-vice president of Egypt Omar Suleiman had his secret police disappearing people, our mascot, banners and posters have been sequestered somewhere the UCLA secret police are keeping secret. PLUS, last Spring when Sgt. Little-dick and the other UCLA secret police illegally arrested legal protestors, they refused to tell them or the legal observer where they were being taken, what they were being charged with, or anything else. These activists just disappeared. But unlike Egypt, our lawyers got right on the case and we (so far) have a Constitution that marginally defends us and they were able to find out where these protesters were taken. But we guarantee, that if we didn’t live in Amerika and sustain the “dwindling” rights we still have, we’re sure the UCLA Campus Secret Police thugs would still be holding these LEGAL protesters and their families would never know where they are.

See what all you protesters out there who are afraid to stand up for the animals are missing out on? It feels so fullfilling, stimulating and courageous to be out there for the animals; there is nothing in the world like that feeling. So do the right, noble, ethical and moral thing and have the courage of the middle eastern people and come out to protests. We promise, the only things that get “disappeared” at a UCLA protest are our signs, banners and our poor Mascot, the stuffed monkey Felix.

See You In The Streets List Serve is not an official “organization,” but rather a posting group forwarding announcements of animal rights events, articles, news, and upcoming demonstrations and their ” wrap up’s” in or around Los Angeles. SYITS does not advocate or encourage illegal activity and assumes no responsibility for written content it receives and forwards or occurrences at demonstrations it announces.


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