A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation

‎Mercy For Animals exposes horrific cruelty towards non-human animals once again. Undercover footage of dairy calves being brutally murdered with hammers and pickaxes. These are not bad apples. Every time MFA has done an undercover investigation, they have come out with similar footage. There is one way to stop this cruelty, go vegan. Please consider supporting MFA.

E6 Cattle Company, LLC is located at 1750 County Road 628 Hart, TX 79043. The officers include Jodi Espenson, Kirt Espenson. E6 Cattle Company, LLC was incorporated on Thursday, March 16, 2006 in the State of TX and is currently active. Kirt Espenson represents E6 Cattle Company, LLC as their registered agent.806-647-3744

please tell governor Rick Perry that this behavior is disgusting!


post the video on his page!


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One Response to A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation

  1. marcela says:

    Got through part of this. I can’t believe the guy sounded like a fucking serial killer at the beginning of the video, I’m sickened.

    I don’t agree that the only way to end this cruelty is to go vegan. Realistically, if we wait for the rise of veganism to reduce the demand for animals and put an end to this suffering we’re gonna wait a long bloody time and many animals will suffer in the interim. There have to be laws in place allowing for the prosecution of companies who treat animals this way. Why isn’t this footage for the police for fuck’s sakes? (Then again maybe it is.) We need much better animal cruelty laws ASAP, in addition to pushing for veganism.

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