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If you want a rundown of speakers please look under the photo gallery

CSU Long Beach
Thursday April 14:
Peterson Hall 1 (PH1) 140, opening begins 7:00PM

Friday April 15, Saturday April 16, Sunday April 17: Multi-Media (MM) 200, speakers start at 12:00PM (noon)

Friday and Saturday: Exhibits open at 11AM in Academic Services (AS) 243

Sunday: Exhibits open at 12noon in Academic Services (AS) 243

Academic Services is located NEXT to the campus library and Multi-Media Center is BEHIND the campus library. The campus library is located in upper campus near 7th Street. Campus maps here:

Schedule of Events (Friday April 15-Sunday April 17)

Friday April 15th
Multi-Media Center 200 – Lecture

12PM – Nikki Benoit – “Why (and How) Vegan Outreach?”
1:30PM – Charlotte Cressey – “From Separation to Wholeness: The Dismemberment of Nonhuman Animals, the Human Spirit, and How to Return to Wholeness”
3:00PM – Brett Mizelle PhD – “Contesting the Circus in American History”
6:00PM – Humane Research Council Primer Series – Animals in Science feat. Julia Orr from Stop Animal Experimentation Now!
7:30PM – Fowl Play (Q&A with Nikki Benoit, Vegan Outreach)

Saturday April 16th
Multi-Media Center 200 – Lecture

12:00PM – Carol Glasser – “The Rational Activist: Deconstructing the emotional/rational dichotomy in theory and practice”
1:30PM – Jenny Grubbs and Michael Loadenthal – “Sexuality, Surveillance, and Government Infiltrators: Fragmenting the radical left through the terrorization of animal advocacy”
3:00PM – Kevin Olliff – “Campaigning under Crackdown: Critical Thinking on Strategy”
5:00PM – Short Yoga Session led by Charlotte Cressey
5:30PM – Karen Davis – “Chickens Belittled: An Inquiry Into the Representation of Chickens, Animal Liberation and Animal Welfare in the Writings of Peter Singer.”
7:00PM – Humane Research Council Primer Series – Companion Animals feat. Lisa Goetz from Boycott Pet City Campaign
8:30PM – Open Discussion “Demystifying Fear: combating paranoia in the movement” facilitated by Greg Kelly and Joseph Buddenberg

Sunday April 17th
Multi-Media Center 200 – Lecture

1:00PM – Open Discussion on Animal Liberation: Tactics, Strategies and Effective Campaigning facilitated by local activists
3:00PM – Greg Kelly – “Rebuilding the Abolitionist Revolution”
4:30PM – Dina Kourda – “The Impact of Dairy on Human Health and the Environment”
6:00PM – Claudia Serrato – “Decolonization, Bodies & Animal Relations”
7:30PM – Sharkwater (Q&A with Shannon Mann, Sea Shepherd)

Animal Liberation Forum 2011 is a FREE 4 day conference in Long Beach, CA calling for a total abolitionist movement and animal liberation to action. Topics ranging from animal liberation, interconnections of oppressions, direct action and veganism will be discussed and strategized through speakers, panels, workshops and film screenings.

In the spring of 2009, Cease Animal Torture launched their first ever Animal Liberation Forum at California State University Long Beach. The forum was the first conference concerning animal rights in all of CSULB’s 60 year history.

At the beginning of this year, Cease Animal Torture successfully held their second annual Animal LiberationForum and continued the tradition of featuring speakers and organizations from all over the country. In its two year run, the Animal Liberation Forum has had the privilege of guest speakers such as Press Officer Dr. Jerry Vlasak MD, Co-founder of Feminists for Animal Rights (FAR) and Author Marti Kheel, Stewart Soloman member of Vegan Outreach, Lorri Houston founder of Animal Acres, and Greg Kelly international activist and co-founder of Band of Mercy. In addition to having a wide array of informative speakers, organizations such as veganTHIS, Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME), Orange County People for Animals (OCPA), North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO), Eko Zone, and Band of Mercy – Los Angeles have participated.


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