Thank you Sweden!

*From Bite Back*

“19 april 20011

To celebrate early Easter, we saved 68 rabbits, the easter bunny’s closest cousin, from the lab breeder Estuna Smådjursfarm (ESF-Produkter AB) outside of Norrtälje. Alarmed and secured the windowless building seemed impossible to get in to so we were forced to make our own rabbit hole.
The ventilation system was the buildings weakness. After taking apart the ventilation fan unit we crawled into the ventilation space. From there we were able to drill and saw our way into the area where the animals were kept.
We could not believe the strong smell of urine and the sight of hundreds of rabbits imprisoned in tight net cages with net bottoms which are against the animal protection law. The rabbits were in a bad condition. One even had a broken leg and we found several dead young rabbits. We wish that we could have liberated all of the individuals but unfortunately we only had loving homes for the 68 who have now began their new lives. Peaceful lives far from the horror labs at Astra Zeneca, Smittskyddsinstitutet and Karolinska Insitutet where they would have ended up. After we transported the animals away from the farm we destroyed the breeding program by removing all breeding cards. ESF- Produkter AB have been in business for 30 years. We now have our eyes on them and we will not give up until all rabbits are free.

Djurens Befrielsefront”


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