This information, I believe, is for his father, who is possibly the guy holding the baby.

Kevin C. Johnson Sr.
14 Franklin St
Gloversville, NY 12078-1724
(518) 775-1232


from the examiner:

Osama Bin Ladin is gone, but sadists and haters are still at it in New York state.

In recent weeks, several cases of animal abuse have spung up. With advent of Facebook, email and media, citizens and animal lovers have joined together to stop cruelty to animals.

An upstate New York resident observed her neighbor mercilessly beating a dog. She immediately authorites, but was unable to receive help.

“I called the cops but I just do not think that they are going to do anything, because the officer told me that he was within his right to do this since the dog supposedly bit him while he was breaking up a fight. He even said he would do the same thing! What can I do?”

The dog in question is only 30 pounds, many times outweighed by the large man abusing this dog.

The goodhearted neighbor felt helpless. “This dog weighs maybe 30 lbs and is the sweetest dog in the world! His face is in pretty rough shape, his tongue has holes in it and he lost at least two front teeth, I assume from being stomped in the head.”

Gloversville police stood behind the rights of the dog abuser, informing the concerned neighbor, ‘he is within his rights.’

Facebook friends have stepped forward when authorities refused to become involved. One kind person responded, “so you did see the dog up moving around after this severe beating? And he carried the dog inside the house? I pray the torture and abuse is not continuing inside where no one can see it!.”

A wise sage offered, “State Troopers have power to enforce cruelty code when cops won’t, I would advise calling the local barracks and having a trooper come down & you can show him the pics…if they refuse to send someone out let us know and we can call them 1000x 24/7 until they act.”

When the police and authorities can’t or won’t step in to help a defenseless animal, it’s time for the Facebook Army. Like the Bob Dylan song, “Thngs Have Changed”:

People are crazy and times are strange

I’m locked in tight, I’m out of range

I used to care, but things have changed.

All it takes is one person who cares to make a difference.


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11 Responses to FREE HALFTON!

  1. Douglas Ward says:

    In this city,not surprised.This whole stinking city is going down the toilet.Day by day.I’m not proud AT ALL.I was born here.I’M ASHAMED.This city,like many(not all)cops,A TOTAL DISGRACE!!

  2. joy kaiser says:

    Thank you. This is what needs to be done to these low life’s who want to beat up on poor animal’s that cannot defend themseleves. Do they do this to their childern as well?
    This kind of abuse needs to have stronger laws and judges that are not afraid to inforce them. Just like in the Patrick case. The woman got off. After starving and throughing him do a trash-shoot.
    What do they get out of this kind a action’s. Does it make them feel more like a big man/woman do they have fun at it? Would they like it done to them.
    Then to let a small child watch as you beat this poor dog and laugh about it what are they teaching this child?
    Thank God, we have people who care and are watching out. They are the gaurdian angels for these animals THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU .

  3. Heather says:

    Joy – the abuser in Patrick’s case did not get off. She hasn’t even been to trial yet. The trial is on May 6th.

    I hope the SPCA will step in and help remove the animals from this home. It is truly awful (1) that dog fighting was taking place, (2) the owner stomped on the dogs head, (3) that a dog was severely injured and needed surgery, (4) that the owner didn’t take the injured dog in for help until the police finally intervened.

  4. Lynn says:

    Is there any chance the dog(s) can be removed from this situation or is it at a dead end since law enforcement refuse to stop this CRIME!!!!

  5. marcela says:

    Looks like these shitbags need a visit from Rescue Ink the tough guy rescue group in ny. I’d contact them myself but i know fuck all about this aside from this post – a call or email pref from eye witness or someone with good info would undoubtedly be much more helpful.

    • fuckhls says:

      Resuce Ink has been called along with every single person that can do ANYTHING! this case has gone viral. The eyewitness that took the pics won’t come forward, because she has been threatened with violence.

      • Rayann says:

        I know this is a bit late, but I just saw this site and I just want to clarify, my husband and I did come forward, gave a statement and Kevin Johnson was subsequently arrested. We just cannot publicly speak yet because this is an active case going to trial. We also want to thank all those who have been standing behind us through all of this!

  6. marcela says:

    Btw i don’t think the facebook page is the right one since it lists high school grad year as 2006. Also doesn’t resemble picture much. Kevin johnson’s prob a common name.

  7. Crystal says:

    Would someone just get this dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. marcela says:

    Looks like the fb page was right after all, age threw me off since it’s the abuser’s profile not his dad’s. Not surprisingly on his page like list i found a real gem “karate chopping bitches in the throat” aka your friendly neighborhood misogynist page. So mr. Johnson appears to be well on his way to being an animal abuser and likely a wife and child abuser too. Here’s hoping this dog abuse case leads to something and scares the low life into correcting his trashy nasty ways.

  9. Marcela says:

    Rayann good for you for speaking out on behalf of Hafton.

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