Donald Bradford Home Demo!

Donald Bradford’s Neighborhood
Dykes Rd and SW 5th St
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

As part of the Week of Action Against Primate Products our comrades in Florida are holding a home demo!

This protest will be at the entrance of the gated neighborhood of Donald Bradford, president of Primate Products. We will be putting direct pressure on the president of this horrible prison camp to close it down while informing his neighbors of the monster among them.

Primate Products, Inc. is a nefarious corporation that imprisons, tortures, mutilates, and murders monkeys. They supply the vile vivisection industry with both the equipment of oppression, including cages and restraints, and the primate victims of vivisection. Primate Products has shipped monkeys to HLS in New Jersey for many years.

This is a slave trade and it MUST be stopped. We need your help to stop it.


About fuckhls

Animal Liberation now! BRING DOWN HLS!
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One Response to Donald Bradford Home Demo!

  1. Elizabeth Johansen says:

    thank you to our friends in florida !! bless you all.

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