Monday, July 25 · 1:00pm – 3:00pm



Corner of Le Conte & Westwood
Westwood Village, Los Angeles


SAEN – Stop Animal Exploitation Now

As part of the AR2011 conference a bus will be leaving from outside the hotel at 12:30pm sharp for the protest. Please meet outside the hotel at 12:00pm to board the bus and make sure you get a seat.

Every year UCLA receives millions of dollars in grants to fund outdated experiments on animals, which do not advance medical science. Amongst many futile experiments, recreational drug addiction experiments are carried out on monkeys funded by your tax dollars.

The fact is that after 100 years of massive animal based research at a cost of billions of taxpayer’s dollars, crippling and deadly diseases of all kinds are affecting an ever increasing number of people. Far from curing anything, we are losing the ground in the fight against cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, AIDS, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s to name a few.


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3 Responses to S.A.E.N. UCLA PROTEST!

  1. UCLAResearcher99 says:

    As typical, your protest at UCLA was littered with mentally unstable people in monkey suits (and many unstable people NOT wearing monkey suits), a laundry basket full of red-dyed t-shirts (wow, that’s original!!!) and a litany of lies and recycled chants. UCLA is a public institution, and you have every right to march around, showing yourself to be the ignorant and aimless losers you are. None of that is lost on UCLA students and our Westwood neighbors – that’s for sure!

    Over the many years you have been visiting campus, I have slowly seen the transition of feelings amongst researchers: from outraged to perplexed to downright befuddled by just how ridiculous you are. You keep right on protesting on campus, and we’ll keep right on doing work that actually makes the world a better place. Keep up the screaming and rabid ranting, and we’ll laugh, shrug our shoulders and head back to the lab where real progress happens.

    We bring cures and scientific progress. You’d bring nothing but comic amusement – if you weren’t secretly wishing for death, fire and pain for other human beings under your breath.

    The more hateful you become, the more you increase our resolve. Your movement is headed in one direction only – pathetic and miserable failure.

  2. igraine says:

    Dear UCLA Researcher,
    Ah! Are we a little testy that a group of compassionate minded, intelligent and creative individuals are ruining your psychopathic “fun”, maiming, torturing and killing millions of animals a year? And if your sub intelligence is getting a little befuddled and you can’t understand why I’m referring to you as a psychopath please look up the definition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopathy – you can perhaps recognize yours and your colleagues behavior. Beyond that we actually have a lot of support in Westwood and on campus evidenced by the sheer disgust visiting students expressed to us at finding out vivisection happens on campus. In fact it seemed to me that YOUR only support that day came in the shape of some paid flunkies commonly known as the UCLA PD who also, by the way, couldn’t really seem to see the point of Jentsch’s experiments but were just getting paid to be there. Scientific progress ? Really? I don’t see ANY evidence of scientific progress just a bunch of unstable pseudo scientists fleecing tax payers to buy multi million dollars homes and publish “papers” that say and mean nothing to humanity. The more YOU respond with your determination to continue this abhorrence the more determined we get. Of course, if you were adhering to the USDA regulations and solving humanities health issues it must have been an anomaly that your lab technicians refused entrance to the USDA inspectors, physically barring their way to discover experiments being carried out in unhygienic and inappropriate ways. The only thing that is headed to pathetic and miserable failure is your career, just like your fellow cronies Jentsch and London whose “scientific” views seem to think that monkeys would take meth in the wild if it was available. So intelligent… I can see it now. Meth labs in the rainforest set up by the local group of Macaques.

  3. Phil says:

    As a third-party to all of this, I can’t help but find your extremist vitriol a bit absurd, myself. Is it your contention that all animal research is justified, or just the project on which you happen to be working? I trust you recognize that not all animal research brings scientific progress, nor do all protesters secretly wish for “death, first, and pain for other human beings.” Every once in a while, it would be nice if someone who claims to be so much more intelligent than these activists would simply concede the point that not all research is useful or valid. Until you can do that, first, your words are just as extreme, just as insane, just as rabid – whether you say them while carrying a protest banner or a biology text book.

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