If the animals don’t get a vacation, neither should their exploiters!

LOS ANGELES – Join the global campaign against HLS top customer

AstraZeneca this FRIDAY and MONDAY. Activists will continue the Los

Angeles anti-HLS campaign, taking on AstraZeneca and their investors. One

by one, we WILL close down Huntingdon. We cannot fail the animals.

Friday, September 2: Meet at California Plaza, 350 S Grand Avenue, Los

Angeles CA 90071. Please arrive by 11:45AM, the demonstration will begin


Monday, September 5: Meet at Whole Foods Market, 239 N Crescent Drive,

Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Please arrive by 11:30AM. Activists will be

leaving at 12 PM SHARP, no exceptions. There are multiple protest

locations on Monday, so it is very important that everyone is on time.

Every three minutes, an animal dies inside HLS. The clock is ticking.

Stand up. Fight back. HLS – SHUT THEM DOWN!

>> Huntingdon Life Sciences and AstraZeneca

HLS is a laboratory infamous for being the world’s most controversial,

having been exposed seven separate times in just over ten years. They have

been caught out punching puppies in the face, violently shaking animals,

falsifying experimental test data, cutting open monkeys while still alive,

and routinely flouting animal welfare standards. HLS are the only

laboratory to have had their license revoked for animal cruelty and remain

the most notorious animal testing laboratory in Europe. As a recent

customer, AstraZeneca are keeping HLS open by providing vital income

during a time when HLS are struggling financially. We are asking them to

stop dealing with HLS once and for all.

For more information about HLS, visit: shac.net

“See You In The Streets” is not an official organization, but rather a group

which forwards demo announcements and wrap up’s of legal protests throughout

the Southern California area. SYITS does not advocate or encourage illegal

activity and assumes no responsibility for written content it receives

and forwards on, nor any occurrences at the demonstrations it announces.


About fuckhls

Animal Liberation now! BRING DOWN HLS!
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