Products of Cruelty Destroyed in Act of Solidarity With Arrested Spanish Activists

Vancouver Fur Shop Targeted

Received anonymously
June 27, 2011


Tonight we took action against one of Vancouver’s cruelest businesses- SPEISER FURS.

We brought a backpack with us and in it was an industrial pressurized chemical sprayer with a two foot long spraying wand. We inserted the spraying wand into their mail slot and sprayed 4 litres of a highly corrosive chemical onto their racks of jackets. The pressurized sprayer has the ability to reach more than 25 feet so we are confident that we were able to soak almost every rack in the store. We made sure to glue the locks on the front and back entrance to delay them from gaining access to the store in the morning allowing the chemical to cause sufficient damage to the pelts.

This act of economic sabotage was done in solidarity with the 12 Spanish activists who were arrested and detained on bogus charges.


Animal activists are not terrorists. The sick individuals who electrocute fur bearing animals in the anus and skin them while their innocent hearts are still beating are the true terrorists.

We won’t stop until they do.


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12 Arrested In Spain As “Eco Terrorists”

From: greenisthenewred
by Will Potter on June 22, 2011

Twelve animal rights and environmental activists have been arrested in Spain and are being labeled “eco-terrorists.” Little information is available about this developing story right now, but some of the activists have worked with open rescues, walking into factory farms where animals were being abused, documenting the animal welfare violations, and then rescuing some of the animals.

Some news outlets are reporting that the activists are alleged to have ties to the Animal Liberation Front. However, Javier Moreno, a spokesperson for the above-ground group Igualdad Animal (and one of those arrested), says his group has been targeted because the government hasn’t been able to actually catch the pople committing ALF crimes. He called the attack on Igualdad Animal open-rescue activists “an attempt to criminalize animal rights movement” and said the eco-terrorism rhetoric is part of a continued campaign against all aspects of the animal rights movement.

“As they have no one to charge for the release of Minks, they have arrested several members Equanimal and Animal Equality in an attempt to criminalize the animal rights movement, as happens in other European countries,” he said. “The lobbies of animal exploitation and the powerful multinationals want to stop the animal movement and the repression is now coming to Spain.”

The sweeping arrests, accusing people of both above-ground and underground tactics, seem quite similar to the recent attacks on Austrian animal rights activists as “terrorists.” However, it is far too early to know.

Here’s my favorite video from Igualdad Animal

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Animals rights activists are claiming victory after a local private airline, Monarch Air Group, agreed to stop shipping primates for research.

Monarch, which runs private passenger and cargo flights from its base in Fort Lauderdale, sent a letter to the animal rights group South Florida SMASH HLS yesterday announcing its decision.

“Per a recent shareholder meeting, Monarch Air Group has decided to seize [sic] the transportation of primates,” said the letter signed by company President David Gitman.

“It’s just not in the company’s interest to be doing that anymore,” said a man who answered the phone at Monarch this morning. He declined to give his name.

Activists want airlines to stop shipping animals so that local research companies such as Primate Products will not be able to import monkeys.

Amerijet, another Fort Lauderdale-based cargo shipping company, made a similar announcement in February, ending its primate shipments. Activists had targeted the company with letters, emails, phone calls, and protests outside the homes of Amerijet executives.

Monarch’s decision came soon after activists began bombarding the company with similar tactics — emails, faxes, and phone calls about shipping primates.

“Smash HLS congratulates Monarch Air Group on its compassionate decision to stop the cruel monkey flights,” the group wrote on its blog. “We are so greatly pleased!!”

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Fortress promised proof of divestment, but so far have failed to deliver.
However activists will keep their promise to persist until the truth unveils

The animals need strength in numbers. And the animals inside are counting on
*us* to be their voices and to close down HLS! Let’s keep up the pressure!

Join activists Friday, June 10 and Saturday, June 11 2011 to continue the Los
Angeles anti-HLS campaign! We cannot fail the animals. HLS! – Shut Them Down!

Friday, June 10: Meet at Westfield Century City Shopping Mall (in front of
Gelson’s Grocery) at 11:30AM SHARP. The parking garage is located off of
Century Park Wy and Constellation Blvd, across from the MGM building.

Saturday, June 11: Meet outside at Whole Foods, 12905 Riverside Drive, Sherman
Oaks, CA 91423 (Riverside and Coldwater Canyon) at 12NOON. Activists leave at
12:30PM SHARP.

Every three minutes an animal dies inside Huntingdon Life Sciences totaling 500
innocent lives every single day.

The time is NOW to hit them hard! HLS is $100 million in debt and hanging by a
string. They have been exposed for their cruelty over and over again, but the
authorities stand-by and do nothing! Its our time to act up for animals and
make sure HLS closes down for good!

There is no justice, JUST US. We must fight back for animals tortured and
murdered inside HLS.

For more information about HLS, visit:

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is the largest contract testing laboratory in
Europe. They have about 70,000 animals on site. These animals are destined to
suffer and die in cruel, heinous experiments. HLS carries out experiments
which involve poisoning animals with household products, pesticides, drugs,
herbicides, food colorings and additives, sweeteners and genetically modified

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Day Of Morning For Animals In Laboratories

Sunday May 30th we walked down 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica CA for all the animals around the world that have lost their lives in laboratories. A great silent demo made possible by S.A.E.N.

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We Love Our Troops!

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