Support the Free Speech 8


Activists begin trial on Tuesday, September 13th at Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Los Angeles. Trial is expected to continue for the remainder of the week, and perhaps into the following week. Your presence in the courtroom is appreciated. If you are able to attend, please dress appropriately.

FREE SPEECH 8 SUPPORTERS, PLEASE REPORT TO: Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, Division 52, 7th Floor, 210 W. Temple St., Los Angeles CA 90012.


This case is an attempt to stifle free speech

This is a free speech case, plain and simple. The UCLA police department and Los Angeles city attorney’s office are trying to reinterpret a law to abridge what constitutes legal protest activity. Neighborhood protests and pickets are completely legal in Los Angeles and have been engaged in by many social movements. However, police officers find them a nuisance and vivisectors are annoyed by them; and so, in an attempt to shut them down, the UCLA police and LA city attorney’s office are trying to make them appear illegal.

Activists are being punished for things they have not done

In an interview, one of the arresting officers stated clearly that he views above ground legal activists as no different from activists for animal liberation that engage in illegal actions. Law enforcement has not been sophisticated enough to capture covert animal liberationists. The assault on the Free Speech 8, activists who choose to show their faces because they have chosen legal tactics, reflects UCLA’s desire to punish someone, regardless of the reason.

This is a case of police harassment

As a way to further punish activism against UCLA vivisection, the UCLA police and LA City Attorney’s office pulled every video recording of these activists protesting on this campaign and added as many charges as they could for other protests. These charges are other violations of Los Angelece Municipal Code 56.45 E as well as a variety of alleged noise violations under codes 116.01 and 41.57. Though the sound ordinance codes all state the officer is to give a warning prior to citation, these activists were not given warnings and are being punished retroactively for protests that occurred up to one month prior to the arrest. One activist faces six charges and the other seven face eight charges each, which are a various combination of these three codes.

This case is about money, not rights

This prosecution is an assault against activists who challenge money-making institutions. Vivisection receives large grants, and UCLA gets over 50% from each grant received. They want to keep the money flowing by stifling dissent. The bottom line is that UCLA is more interested in protecting its assets than respecting individuals’ constitutional right to free speech.


On May 15, 2010, 12 activists were engaging in picketing and demonstrations in the neighborhoods of UCLA primate vivisectors. This activity occurs on a monthly basis and is completely legal. Activists were picketing in the neighborhood of vivisector Edyth London when they heard sirens in the distance. Two UCLA Police cars parked at the top of the street and demanded everyone sit down. The UCLA Police did not observe the activists behavior before turning on their sirens; they arrived ready to arrest, with zip ties prepared. Activists were made to sit on the sidewalk where they were when the police arrived. Though administering citations would not require any arrests, UCLA PD chose to handcuff and arrest all 12 activists.

This protest activity has been going on for years and nothing in the activists’ behavior that day was different from any other protest they had engaged in for this campaign. UCLA PD and LAPD have observed these protests on a monthly basis for years and had not found the behavior of the activists illegal in the past. On the day of the arrest, no warning was given; neither was an explanation given to any activist for several hours as to why they were being/had been arrested.

The citations eventually handed out noted that activists were arrested at the home of the vivisector, Edyth London, when the arrests actually occurred several houses away. One activist questioned this in the holding cell, as well as their right to take her finger prints; she was refused legal council by the commanding officer and was threatened with being sent to county lock-up for 48 hours. She was refused release until she agreed to provide fingerprints and sign the ticket noting the wrong arrest address.

Charges against the minors were eventually dropped. One adult activist settled, as he was moving across the country to begin medical school and could not travel to court. Eight adult activists remain charged.

The main charge against the activists is a violation of LA municipal code 56.45 E, focused picketing. Activists were not in violation of LAMC 56.45 E as they never stopped within 100 feet of the sidewalk of the residence; rather, they marched, and never stopped on the sidewalk directly outside the residence. Further, they never came at any point within 100 feet of the dwelling. LAMC 56.45 E is written in a vague manner, so the debate is whether activists interpreted the law correctly, which activists, their legal observer, and their lawyers all think they did. Even the UCLA PD and LAPD agreed with their interpretation for years. They changed their interpretation of the law that day, and did not give any warnings to the activists to inform them of this prior to arrest. Activists are also charged with various noise violations for chanting during these daytime protests.

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If the animals don’t get a vacation, neither should their exploiters!

LOS ANGELES – Join the global campaign against HLS top customer

AstraZeneca this FRIDAY and MONDAY. Activists will continue the Los

Angeles anti-HLS campaign, taking on AstraZeneca and their investors. One

by one, we WILL close down Huntingdon. We cannot fail the animals.

Friday, September 2: Meet at California Plaza, 350 S Grand Avenue, Los

Angeles CA 90071. Please arrive by 11:45AM, the demonstration will begin


Monday, September 5: Meet at Whole Foods Market, 239 N Crescent Drive,

Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Please arrive by 11:30AM. Activists will be

leaving at 12 PM SHARP, no exceptions. There are multiple protest

locations on Monday, so it is very important that everyone is on time.

Every three minutes, an animal dies inside HLS. The clock is ticking.

Stand up. Fight back. HLS – SHUT THEM DOWN!

>> Huntingdon Life Sciences and AstraZeneca

HLS is a laboratory infamous for being the world’s most controversial,

having been exposed seven separate times in just over ten years. They have

been caught out punching puppies in the face, violently shaking animals,

falsifying experimental test data, cutting open monkeys while still alive,

and routinely flouting animal welfare standards. HLS are the only

laboratory to have had their license revoked for animal cruelty and remain

the most notorious animal testing laboratory in Europe. As a recent

customer, AstraZeneca are keeping HLS open by providing vital income

during a time when HLS are struggling financially. We are asking them to

stop dealing with HLS once and for all.

For more information about HLS, visit:

“See You In The Streets” is not an official organization, but rather a group

which forwards demo announcements and wrap up’s of legal protests throughout

the Southern California area. SYITS does not advocate or encourage illegal

activity and assumes no responsibility for written content it receives

and forwards on, nor any occurrences at the demonstrations it announces.

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Anonymous Supports The Fight for Animal Liberation

Anonymous Hackers Group Declares Solidarity With Animal Liberation Struggle
Fight Against Oppression Won’t be Affected by Recent Arrest of 14 Alleged Members

Los Angeles: In a computer-generated spoken communique on YouTube last week, the hackers group Anonymous voiced its solidarity with the struggle for animal liberation. Citing the commonality of oppression against humans and non-human animals, the group highlighted the injustice in animal experimentation and the unnecessary consumption of animal flesh, and asked the public not to turn their backs on non-humans capable of “emotions such as joy. anger. sadness & fear. both [humans and non-human animals] have families. mothers. fathers. brothers. sisters. sons & daughters”.

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office unequivocally supports the actions of Anonymous, as a critical component in the fight against a capitalist state intent on the destruction of habitat, oppression of those who are necessary to sustain its domination, and suppression of any dissent by those who recognize the need to act against tyranny.

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Monday, July 25 · 1:00pm – 3:00pm



Corner of Le Conte & Westwood
Westwood Village, Los Angeles


SAEN – Stop Animal Exploitation Now

As part of the AR2011 conference a bus will be leaving from outside the hotel at 12:30pm sharp for the protest. Please meet outside the hotel at 12:00pm to board the bus and make sure you get a seat.

Every year UCLA receives millions of dollars in grants to fund outdated experiments on animals, which do not advance medical science. Amongst many futile experiments, recreational drug addiction experiments are carried out on monkeys funded by your tax dollars.

The fact is that after 100 years of massive animal based research at a cost of billions of taxpayer’s dollars, crippling and deadly diseases of all kinds are affecting an ever increasing number of people. Far from curing anything, we are losing the ground in the fight against cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, AIDS, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s to name a few.

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Sunday, 10th July


Fortress have been in talks with SHAC volunteers over their stopping of their loan agreement to HLS, this has been a rather protracted affair lasting many months, with Fortress’ attorneys being slow to give us the proof we needed. (Remember, Fortress had lied in the past to the campaign). So we not only requested a statement, but we also wanted to see the legal documents showing the end of the loan between Fortress and HLS.

With both Fortress and HLS using many different shell companies, some of which are registered in remote island tax havens with little or no paper trail as well as a leading Fortress director being investigated, as well as a former security firm Fortress used to get advice against campaigners; Fortress have been slow to give us the proof we needed.

In January 2011, Fortress confirmed it had stopped all financial support to HLS – for real this time, they said. So desperate to relieve themselves of HLS and the animal rights movement, they have writing off the ensuing loan interest that they expected to make over the next couple of years and a very small amount of the loan itself resulting in a $6-$8 million loss for Fortress while HLS have had to pay back most of the outstanding loan to them. They say they are not, in any way shape or form, transferring the loan to anybody else – this will be HLS’ problem. The reason Fortress say is that they don’t want the blame for passing on all the problems that come in tow when you deal HLS. So, HLS no longer have any financing from Fortress.

This process has been slowed by Fortress’ reluctance to show all their cards, especially with the present on-going investigations into Hedge Fund insider dealings, one of their directors being investigated and other legal problems. But, eventually, Fortress have come up with the following:
1 – A signed statement regarding Fortress no longer being involved with HLS/Lion Holdings
2 – A signed payoff instrument (legal document) regarding the closure of Fortress’ involvement via shell companies: XI Capital and River Partners
3 – A mention in their annual report 10k filing (page 25, 3rd para , 2nd bullet point) with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) in the USA; Our fund investments are subject to numerous additional risks – “In recent months, Fortress has been subjected to intermittent protests by groups affiliated with an animal rights movement related to a historical investment. Although no Fortress Fund continues to hold the investment targeted by such protestors, the protest activity may nevertheless have a negative effect on our reputation.”

And because we still didn’t believe Fortress a 100% because of all their past lies, Fortress have this week removed themselves from the protection of their UK injunction, as we stated that logically if Fortress no longer deal with HLS and are then no longer a target of campaigners, they have no need of the injunction anymore.
4 – Fortress have now also varied their UK injunction, effectively moving themselves off it’s protection
5 – They have also filed in the High Court application (para 10) the reason why they have done this, ie they no longer deal with HLS

We would like to thank all those who took part in the global campaign against Fortress and ask that no more demonstrations are carried out against them or any associated companies (such as Nomura, or Fortress shareholders and subsidiaries).

HLS Financials: Past, present and future

HLS were once a company with a market value of £500m and a dominant player in the CRO market. They exchanged shares on the London Stock Exchange and later on the NYSE and were seen as a credible investment. HLS’ shareholders and customers were some of the biggest companies in the world; Barclays, AXA, JP Morgan, Roche, Novartis.

After the raids of May 2007, HLS’ MD, Brian Cass and the global media announced that all was over – companies such as HLS could continue operating without any opposition. Wrong. Vast police operations pumped by unlimited resources and funding reaching into the millions, excessively harsh prison sentences and the creation of specific new laws have all failed to stop SHAC. Even with the government offering support to prop up HLS, activists have once again dealt another major blow to this multinational testing hellhole with the loss of Fortress and their loan facilities. The future is increasingly bleak for those who torture animals to death, and will only get bleaker in the months to come.

Fortress are the largest financial lender in the United States. In 2008, SHAC uncovered them as the previously described ‘anonymous foreign lender’ to HLS/Lion Holdings. This loan saved HLS from closure in 2006 after Stephens Inc. had pulled out of their loan agreement with HLS and when they became overwhelmed by their increasingly staggering debts and campaign pressure. In effect, this company threw HLS a vital lifeline and then later announced they would extend this loan further in 2011. After Fortress were announced as a new top financial target, they first denied dealing with HLS at all, then later issued a false statement claiming they’d cut their ties, and even set up yet another false shell company to sell the loan onto. Naturally, we saw though this poor facade and continued campaigning against Fortress and all associated subsidiary companies.

Lets not forget HLS’ abysmal financial situation. In 2009, they had to sell the company just to stop closing down. However, nobody wanted to buy them out, and so Andrew Baker, HLS’ own CEO, added $100million to their debt and bought them. During this time, the Plymouth Report detailed the true damage the SHAC campaign has done to HLS’ financials. No company would touch them with a bargepole, largely for concern of being targeted by SHAC and animal rights activists. Even back in March 2009, Brian Cass was in the British press calling for a UK bank to give him a loan or bank account – but nobody would go anywhere near them. Now with Fortress dropping them like a hot potato, future financing looks extremely shaky; one of the largest financial corporations in the US won’t deal with them in any way – this will have serious repercussions for HLS’ reputation and desirability.

What next for HLS?

Fortress themselves have stated several times that HLS will have difficulty finding any financing options. Fortress is seen as a last resort in terms of a loan company. Looking at the Plymouth Report only confirms this further; the report clearly shows that not only was there little to no interest from financial institutions or fellow CRO’s, but that HLS remains totally unstable as a company. They continue to function on debt, in 2009 were at risk of closure and failed to find any financing options other than a desperate bid by their own CEO.

Never forget that HLS is a multinational corporation, propped up by some of the biggest and most wealthy companies in the world, not to mention the corruptable British government. Yet here we are; a relatively small, grass-roots campaign that has succeeded in effecting HLS’ financial position again and has huge, multimillion dollar corporations running scared of dealing with HLS. The true achievements that can be made when compassionate people come together against evil should never, ever be underestimated and this is an excellent example of this.

Time will only tell if, or how, HLS repair the damage of losing this financer, but one thing is for certain: together, we can and WILL close HLS – and we have just taken one step closer to the day when those gates will close – for good. While we wait to see HLS’ next move, don’t forget that their customers are still vital – and even more so now that they are in serious financial trouble. We are continuing to look into HLS’ financials and other companies that have come to light while investigating Fortress.

We would like to thank all those who took part in the global campaign against Fortress and ask that no more demonstrations are carried out against them or any associated companies (such as Nomura, or Fortress shareholders and subsidiaries). Currently, the new situation means that top customers are now the priority targets – as the loss of another of these will result in even more financial instability for HLS and make the chances of closure ever more likely.

We call on a renewed focus on the pharma and bio-tech industry that pay for the experiments to happen inside HLS; without these companies’ money there would be no experiments and no HLS. AstraZeneca and Pfizer are losing some of their patents on their best selling drugs over the next couple of years and we will continue to add pressure on these companies until they too drop HLS.

Until all are free

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This interview with Walter Bond was conducted when Bond was first imprisoned for the “ALF Lone Wolf” arsons. Press Officer Nicoal Sheen carried out the interview almost a year ago to dive into the mind of this inspiring A.L.F. prisoner of war.

Nicoal Sheen: Now that you openly admit to being the “ALF Lone Wolf”, can you describe what it was like preparing and organizing alone?

Walter Bond: Preparing for an action, on the technical end of things, was very easy. We tend to think of covert or illegal activity in the Animal Liberation movement as complicated. I personally found that to not be the case. Most of the supplies I used in the commission of the arson at the Sheepskin Factory I found in alleys and trash cans. All too often during A.L.F/E.L.F actions, incendiary devices haven’t gone off. I learned from that and did not create a device to do the work for me. This also, I feel, further minimized any possible harm to life. I have never been comfortable with there being any window of time between leaving a target and a fire breaking out. It’s important to know that it’s “all clear” at the moment of incineration. There’s too many unimaginable scenarios that can occur even within a 5 minute time frame. Mentally, it can be very difficult. The truth is, A.L.F activity is illegal activity. When you’re running around in the middle of the night destroying property, it takes nerves of steel. And control over your paranoia. I would become so hypersensitive to sounds during an action that it was bothersome. I dealt with this by wearing headphones beforehand so I was half deaf during the campaign. I could still hear but it kept me from stopping in the middle of my work to mind trip a creaky building, or every little noise.

NS: Were you ever skeptical about the successfulness of “lone” actions before carrying out one yourself?

WB: I have never been skeptical about the effectiveness of working alone. Earlier in my career as a Direct Activist, I worked with others. I didn’t like it. It always seemed that when three do what one can, the action becomes slow and sloppy and way too complicated. So that everyone feels like they did something significant. It’s far more effective to handle business and get gone fast than to take extra time communicating with lookouts. Of course, for large scale liberations, that level of coordination is necessary. But not for economic sabotage.

NS: Peter Young regrets not working alone when he was releasing mink before his capture and imprisonment in 2005, as he has stated in many interviews. Do you agree that working alone is “less complicated” and a greater advantage in an action?

WB: Generally I agree. Of course as I said, it depends on what the objective is. The likelihood of carrying out a university lab raid single handedly is highly improbable. But often we underestimate ourselves and what we can do. After which we realize we didn’t need the extra hand or snitch. But as they say, hindsight’s 20/20.

NS: In your essay “I am the ALF Lone Wolf”, you state you chose the name “Lone Wolf” to convey “one person can accomplish a lot”. Can you go into further detail of why you believe this to be important?

WB: It’s important to become self-empowered as Direct Activists. Because the leadership principle is a tool of the system. It plays directly into their hand. Contrary to what’s portrayed the government is not as concerned with groups of subversives as they make out. The more organization, the more people involved, the easier it is to infiltrate or monitor. One person acting alone has to either get caught in the act or make a fatal error. Even in the legal Animal Rights movement, we are led to believe that you need validation by affiliation. Yet when I was in the above-ground, I turned more people to Veganism by talking to them personally. I have never turned anyone vegan by giving an organization in another state a $50 donation. Doing things yourself is a surefire way to know what’s getting done. If every individual vegan and AR activist did that instead of waiting for a group to do it for them, animals would be saved by the millions instead of thousands.

NS: What do have to say to the critics of arson as a tactic in the animal liberation movement?

WB: I would say they should be more concerned about the murder of animals and the Earth than the application of arson as a tactic. Furthermore, I would say I believe in Animal Liberation, Whatever it May Take! Not Animal Liberation, as long as people think its OK! This is the A.L.F not Boy Scouts. Just because these critics will not employ arson as a solution doesn’t mean its wrong. I am not going to kill people to save animals but I would never speak out against it. Animals suffer and die the most cruel deaths in unimaginable numbers. My opinion is anything that saves them or stops others from exploiting or harming them is justifiable and anything that continues their Holocaust is wrong and must be fought. If you can watch footage of vivisection or a slaughterhouse and then tell me the solution is to write your congressperson or denounce us radicals that “risk our lives and freedom” to stop the carnage, then you are either a hobbyist or deluded about the level of evil you are up against. In either case these people should re-evaluate whose side they are on, animals or agribusiness. The two are mutually exclusive.

NS: Why did you employ arson rather than another form of economic sabotage?

WB: I used arson because the three most devastating elements to any standing structure are fire, smoke and water. With arson, all three do damage and its hard to recover from. Even if you do not completely destroy a building, smoke and water (from putting the fire out) takes a long time to clean up. It’s costly to the business. It also effectively sends the message that play time is over. I’m always when I hear about Direct Action but when it comes to property damage, breaking windows and spray painting an animal abuser’s building is fun but doesn’t send a message of Vegan Revolution.

NS: Has there been or are there specific people in your life you would consider heroes? Why or why not?

WB: Let’s see. Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Leonard Peltier, Sean Muttaqi, Rod Coronado, Peter Tosh, and Zumbi. These are all my heroes because they fought what they believed, did not compromised and kicked some serious ass and were trailblazers of their time.

NS: In your essay “I am the ALF Lone Wolf”, you have criticized vegans who are welfarist and stated that you “immediately felt out of place” at a local Denver vegan meet-up. What are your thoughts and feelings concerning animal welfare? Do you find welfarism to be progressive or regressive in the animal liberation community?

WB: I think a lot of people involved in the welfarist camp of A.R. mean well, but the approach is reactionary and regressive. And good intentions do not stop evil. If someone is oppressing you or your family to death and you want to preach pacifism or employ luke warm tactics that’s your own business. But this is Animal Liberation, as in other-than-human Animal Liberation and you have no right to plea bargain with animals’ lives for political stature or organizational financial gain. I have no problem speaking out against welfarism because it often works hand in glove with animal exploitation industries such as awarding slaughterhouse designers cash money for “humane designs” and in many cases promoting animal use. I understand that there are a lot of upper middle class white people that feel guilty about their privilege and really want to seem like they are helping animals while being told repeatedly and daily that they are heros of social justice, while also getting paid fat salaries. And never putting themselves or their reputations in harms way. These god damned pretend friends of animals are more concerned with potlucks than productivity and property over life! And while the true proponents of liberation – the abolitionist and animal liberation activists – educate people about Veganism (not Flexitarianism) and rescue actual animals’ lives, some of us rot away in prison or live homeless and on the run from the Feds, these cowards (welfarists) are often our most vocal adversaries. In summation, I think welfarism is a detriment to Animal Liberation and I have no respect for it.

NS: What are your thoughts and opinions about the label “terrorist” given to animal and Earth liberators by mainstream media, government and the oppressors? In your opinion, why do you believe society has accepted this label instead of challenging its validity?

WB: When I was a kid everything was about the communists now the buzzword is terrorist. Like any Orwellian newspeak word “terrorist” has come to represent a whole spectrum of emotional fear instead of any rational definition. Its no surprise to me that A.L.F/E.L.F are considered terrorists. The U.S. government has been calling us that for two decades before 9-11. Because we are effective and can’t be stopped, we get vilified. For instance, I’m facing 3 AETA charges, an enhancement of 30 years for being an AR arsonist. Had I been running around two burning things because of pyromania or some other sort of pathology, I would be facing considerably less time. The fact that the government invented such a ridiculous enhancement that can be used so broadly is testimony to their malice towards the bunny and tree huggers of America. However, at the end of the day, their personal malice of our movement and tactics is testimony to our effectiveness. I think that the general public accepts these labels of “terrorist” against anyone the government doesn’t like because they are fat, lazy and increasingly uneducated – which is exactly how farmers send animals off to the slaughter.

What do you believe the animal rights/liberation community is lacking, if at all, and how does the community overcome such obstacle(s) in order to save animals’ lives?

WB: Much of the A.R. community is lacking a sense of urgency and clear focus. I think the best ways to change that is to get back to basics. Start feeling this movement with our hearts instead of our heads. By our hearts I mean passion. When you see a terrible injustice, a profound evil like what goes on in any animal use industry. The proper response is not fear or sadness. The proper response to evil is outrage. Our focus should be on justice, vegan justice.

NS: Many people have said there is a failure to see and act upon the interconnectedness of our struggles, such as you mentioned in your essay “X To Whom it May Concern X”. Reflecting on what it would be like to have a more cohesive liberation movement, what can we all do as communities to connect with one another?

Outside Earth and Animal Liberation, I am really not very concerned with connecting with everyone else’s movement. Whether they use the word liberation in it or not. I have made that mistake in the past and it simply eats too much of my energy. I think that it’s time that other “liberation movements” stop eating dead animals and suckling the lactation of another species. I think that it’s alright for us abolitionist animal liberation activists to realize that we are the vanguards of social justice. Ours is the fight against the worst Holocaust ever! Billions and billions of the most innocent, the most defenseless dead! Murdered, tortured worse than any segment of humanity! As far as cohesiveness within Animal Liberationist circles, I would say enough with the politics. Left, Right, Libertine, Anarchist, lifestyles or religion, who gives a shit! Base your personal and organizational alliances on effectiveness for the Animals. On workability in action. Not philosophical denominations. If you are vegan or going vegan and are ready to kick ass for the animals, you are my sister, I am your brother. Everything else is details.

NS: Do you plan on writing a book with all essays you have collaborated so far?

WB: NAALPO has my full permission to publish my essays as they see fit. I will keep writing them while dealing with my 3 arson charges and AETA charges. And after I am sentenced to prison, I plan on writing two books to help motivate, educate and agitate.

Animal Liberation, Whatever it May Take!
Walter Bond
Press Officer
North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO)

[The North American Animal Liberation Press Office was founded to communicate the actions, strategies, and philosophy of the animal liberation movement to the media and the public. Many of these actions are illegal under a current societal structure that fails to recognize the rights of non-human animals to live free of suffering, but validates and promotes the “right” of industries to do whatever they want to animals for profit or research. Within these conditions, those in the underground working for animal liberation often cannot speak out directly. Nevertheless, their actions and message is urgent and deserve to be heard and understood. Since animal liberation actions either go unreported in the media or are uncritically vilified as “violent” and “terrorist” with no attention paid to the suffering that industries and individuals gratuitously inflict on animals, NAALPO seeks to clarify the motivation and nature of actions taken in defense of animals.]

Contact: (213) 640-5048
Animal Liberation Press Office
3371 Glendale Blvd. #107
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Green is the New Rage

By Walter Bond

Please do not consider me a “Green Scare” defendant and please do not become scared to be “Green.” Better yet, please do not be scared to be militant, or outspoken, or an activist for the legal aboveground or clandestine underground. Still better, don’t give in to state-sanctioned fear.

Once you do, you’re being reactive and that’s what they’re counting on. Also, you are giving the security forces of animal exploitation too much power… power they don’t deserve!

Instead of concerning ourselves with how big and scary the FBI is or how ruthlessly they target activists, we should be concerned with flexing our own muscle and shutting down animal use and abuse wherever it occurs.

At times, I fear that the bulk of the animal liberation “movement” has really and truly forgotten that this is a selfless cause. Our aim is to stop animal objectification, whatever it may take.

And as a movement, we need to be empowering each other to act… not scaring the shit out of activists under any pretext. It’s a fact that the ALF, ELF, and aggressive legal activists are in the crosshairs of the power structure — not just here, but globally. The only way that will change is by becoming ineffective welfarists that never rock the boat and are literally in cahoots with abusers or by not compromising the animals lives and keeping ourselves and our movement on the frontlines and in the trenches, kicking ass and taking names.

Or, I suppose you can also become one of the paranoia crowd and just throw the agent provocateur label at anyone that refuses to submit to fear. I hate repeating myself, but I guess I must. This is a War! I do not say that for the sake of drama or literary emphasis. One major flaw with many people within animal lib is the stuck-on-theoretical mindset. We see these abuses to animals in vivisection, meat, dairy, and eggs, or fur and then we start filing it away as “what this means in a social context and what tactics have the most universal appeal to other humans” when we should be asking ourselves practical questions like “how can I start fighting these abusers?” Or, “where can I have the most impact against these cruelties?”

How can I save an animal today or strop these atrocities now? Even for just a few critters. Because that’s the context we so often miss. It’s about animal autonomy, not about how the government turns on the people that care about the animals. But while I’m on the subject, it’s nothing new!

Those in power abuse that power to smash resistance to the status quo. It’s as old as the hills. Every single movement for progressive change has faced a system that has turned on them with vengeance and often violence. Look at the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. A mere 43 years ago, there were 150 Panthers, political prisoners, locked up in the prison system.

Various police and feds were executing these brothers and sisters because they were demanding an end to institutionalized prison racism that was destroying their communities and they were not going to back down, no matter what!

Also, amongst their own people, they were at times blamed for their hard stance bringing down the heat and making it hard on everyone else. Predictable. Within our own movement, it’s nothing new. Antivivisectionists were actually called “terrorists” over 100 years ago! Ronnie Lee, the founder of the Animal Liberation Front, was being called a “terrorist” in a court of law in 1982.

In the larger context, these persecutions, whether of the individual or the entire movement, are only a landmark on the road to success, the only time they are in vain is if we stop fighting!

And I will tell you this, we are only beginning the abolitionist movement for total animal liberation. How many more trials and tribulations will we endure before we will set the captives free. So don’t be shocked of deterred because of what they do to me or any other political prisoner/POW. Of course, support us in our times of tribulation, but don’t make our sacrifices in vain. Don’t let this system use us to scare you! Speaking for myself, I knew what I was in for when I became an ALF operative.

Part of being an outlaw is accepting the consequences, or at least making peace with them before you ever act. A complete change in attitude is needed.

When our activists speak out and tell it how it is, the only repression they should face if from the enemies of our Mother Earth and our animal nations and, then, that should be seen as the breadth of our right to free speech. That is, you have the right to say what is happening, you have a right to say what the solutions are, you have a right to your own opinions and you have a right to fight against murder, torture, and slavery.

You have those rights because you assert them, not because a government agency tells you that you do! So what’s the proper response to “the Green Scare”? How about “the Green Rage”? Yes, that’s it!

Consider me a prisoner of war and a proponent of the Green Rage! It’s not 9-1-1 anymore and this is not FOXNews — so no militant Earth rights activist or self-respecting anarchist should be defending or limiting their actions in accordance with government witch hunts. If you look at the communiques from the underground in the last 18 months, thousands of animals have been saved from death. The ALF was active in 32 countries and only 7 underground activists were caught (including myself) world wide! In the above ground in America, vivisectors and their associates are feeling the heat. From down South all the way to the west coast! It’s time to bring back the good ol’ days where solidarity was an action instead of a salutation… an idea that does not take the place of activism.

It’s okay, the internet will still be there at the end of the day… after you’ve put your back into your beliefs. I promise!

And I’m sure millions of otherwise grown adults will still be arguing and gossiping on it like little angry children. They might even tear you down because you weren’t around for ten hours to defend yourself. And who knows? After effecting real change, taking a real stand, or getting your face licked by an actual animal that’s alive because of what you did, you may not even care what the arm chair generals and theoretical wizards were commenting on today.

Animal Liberation, Whatever it May Take!

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